Staying Safe in the Extreme Heat

The entire state of Illinois is under either a heat advisory or an excessive heat warning for the next couple of days. It is important that local residents take steps to protect themselves and those around them from these dangerous weather conditions.

The state of Illinois has established a series of cooling centers in facilities around the state. To find the cooling center in your area, visit

Here are some important tips for safety in the kind of extreme heat Illinois is dealing with this summer:

  • NEVER leave a child or a pet in a hot car, and warn children about playing in parked cars;
  • Avoid strenuous outdoor activity, especially during the hottest hours of the day;
  • If you must work outside, wear sunscreen, take frequent water breaks and cool down in the shade as much as possible;
  • Check on your neighbors, particularly the elderly and those without air conditioning;
  • Know the signs of heat exhaustion and what to do;
  • Wear light weight, loose-fitting clothing and drink plenty of fluids;
  • Make sure your outdoor pets have plenty of cool water to drink;
  • Visit for more information from the National Weather Service on staying safe in extreme heat.