Weber Initiated Proposal to Protect Taxpayers from Delinquent County Board Chairs Now Law

The Governor has signed legislation that came about as the result of a legislative proposal initiated by State Representative Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa) to close a gap in county government. The bill signed, Senate Bill 1236, was based on House Bill 1495 to create a removal and replacement process for the chair of a county board in counties where the chair of the board is chosen by fellow board members.

“When the chair of a county board is unable, or unwilling, to fulfill their responsibilities, but does not resign the position, the ability of county government to effectively operate is seriously harmed,” said Weber. “This is a disservice to not only that county and its elected board, but also the taxpayers. Through this new law, we have created a process to ensure counties will have the means to remove and replace the board chair in the event of a unique situation that makes it necessary to do so. This is not a Republican or a Democrat issue, this is a good government issue.

“We faced this situation while I was a member of the Lake County Board and I’m happy that my original House Bill 1495 served as the basis for the legislation that is now law.”

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