Fall Veto Session to Begin Oct. 28

The Illinois House will gather on Monday, October 28, to consider new business and take action on the vetoes signed by the Governor. The members of the Illinois General Assembly are mandated by the Constitution to meet for two three-day annual veto sessions every year. The first veto session will be in the final week of October, and the second week of veto session will be in the second full week of November. 

This six-day period does not, typically, give legislators very much time to take up entirely new business. Matters that have been left pending from the prior spring session can sometimes be taken up in the veto session. In addition, lawmakers often find that the veto session is a good time to introduce new bills and start discussions about rising issues in order to get ready for the next full-length session, which will begin in January 2020. All of the bills and other legislative activities considered by the Legislature during the 2019 veto session and full-length 2020 session can be found on the Illinois General Assembly website.