Weber: Franks Allegation & Culture of Abuse Must Stop

Last Friday, news broke that on January 29 a search warrant conducted by the Illinois State Police (ISP) was sent to Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s office to investigate alleged criminal wrongdoing by former Democrat State Representative Jack Franks. Who currently serves as McHenry County Board Chairman. While the initial reporting appeared to show Madigan acting to protect the alleged victim, new information from the Sangamon County State’s Attorney shows the opposite to be true.

“The more we learn about Speaker Madigan’s involvement in these allegations of criminal misconduct against Jack Franks it only seems to raise more questions,” said Weber. “It is terrible the victim has been put in this appalling situation and was unable to trust a process meant to provide protection. Sadly, it is becoming more obvious this wasn’t really about protecting the victim and makes it even more difficult for future victims to come forward.”

According to new reporting by The Center Square and information released by Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright, “ISP Investigators state that they repeatedly instructed recipients of the Search Warrant that the January 29 Order prohibited disclosure. Nevertheless, the recipients of the Search Warrant disclosed the Search Warrant on January 31, 2020, in response to a Freedom of Information Act … request received on that same date.”

“To be clear, outside of the criminal allegations, the troubling part is the disregard of a judge’s order by the Speaker’s Office,” said Weber. “A quick FOIA release of a document that was meant to be kept private is a betrayal of the separation of powers, it is a betrayal to the criminal justice process and it is a betrayal of not only this victim, but other victims who fear to speak out. This disturbing culture of abuse and corruption has to stop!”

On Monday, the Sangamon County State’s Attorney requested the case be under seal moving forward.