Rep. Weber Reacts to Governor’s Restore Illinois Plan

Following yesterday’s announcement by Governor JB Pritzker of a phased reopening plan based on four regions of the state, State Representative Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa) issued the following statement:

“At first glance, I was glad to see the Governor has finally heard our calls for a regional plan to address COVID-19 and safely reopen Illinois,” said Weber. “However, after closer inspection, this plan looks a lot more like a justification for a long-term stay at home extension. One person making all of the decisions cannot be easy, and the governor needs to understand that our state is very diverse. This is why it is imperative to have direct input from local elected representatives for a long-term plan like he has proposed. There is no question the Illinois Emergency Management Act was not intended for a Governor to run the state by executive order for months and months without checks and balances from a coequal branch of government. Our residents deserve a voice. The General Assembly must be called into session to weigh in on this!”

To review the Governor’s plan, Click Here.