Weber: Waterway, Airport Money Needs its Own Lockbox

State Representative Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa) is proposing legislation to keep Illinois water tax money on the water.

“Voters made the smart decision to lock away motor fuel money so that legislators couldn’t raid it for other purposes- that same logic applies here,” Rep. Weber explained. “Similar to how money made on Illinois roads should be spent on road infrastructure, money made on Illinois’ waterways should be spent on the water.

Weber’s House Bill 3388 provides that money received by the Department of Revenue for taxes from the sale of motor fuel sold on Illinois waterways or at Illinois airports must be used for waterway or airport purposes.

Rep. Weber’s legislative district includes Fox Lake as well as a number of other surrounding waterways suffering from a lack of investment from the state, leading to consistent flooding and other issues.

“These communities have not only suffered the Governor’s economic shutdown over the past year, but from years of being ignored by the state, despite providing the revenue through taxes for needed improvements,” Rep. Weber continued.

HB 3388 has been filed, but has yet to be assigned to a committee for further discussion.