Weber Sponsored Legislation Mandating Term Limits for Leadership Advances

Legislation sponsored by State Representative Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa) to codify legislative leadership term limits is moving forward.

In January, the Illinois House passed the Rules by which the House governs itself. The “new” rules were remarkably similar to the rules under which Speaker Madigan controlled the House, with one notable exception; they contained term limits for House leadership roles. Weber, and many others, pointed out that the House Rules, which are voted on every two years with the seating of a new General Assembly, could just as easily be changed back, which is why statutory language is needed.

“Illinois existed for far too long under the control of one man,” Rep. Weber said. “We can’t let our representative democracy fall into such a trap again. Having one person remain in power for so long allows them to amass an unjustifiable grip on the political process. Career politicians, especially at the top, naturally invite corruption.”

House Bill 642 enacts a 10-year term limit on the ranking majority and minority members of both legislative chambers; Speaker of the House of Representatives, President of the Senate, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, and Minority Leader of the Senate. The new limits would begin at the start of the next General Assembly in January 2023.

The bipartisan legislation passed unanimously Wednesday morning from the House Executive Committee. It will next head to the full House floor for a vote.