Op-ed from Rep. Weber: Being Thankful

As Thanksgiving approaches, we try to find those things to be thankful for. As a grandfather I don’t have to look far. But for many, it can be harder than usual. Everywhere you look we’re surrounded by bad news. The cost of living continues to rise, political tensions are heating up and there has been an escalation in crime.  You get the picture, I’m sure you see it every day. Unfortunately, that’s because bad news sells and now more than at any other time in human history, we have so much access to news and information.

Whether it’s tv or social media, it seems like the world is spiraling out of control. Many of us feel compelled to do something. While the world is an imperfect place, I assure you, it is not spiraling out of control. There is more that unites us as Americans than divides us. Every day we should strive to be a little better and believe that others are just trying to do the same. If we assume the best in each other, we might all just rise to the occasion.

And as for that feeling that you need to do something, hold on to it and use it. Do good. Take some time this holiday season to do something for someone else, if for no other reason than to see them smile. Small, simple gestures can turn someone’s whole day around. While it might not seem like much, together these individual actions can, like droplets of water, form a much larger wave.

It’s always good to remember that the simplest things are often the most important. Your family, your health, the small hike in nature that takes your breath away and even just the breath in your lungs that lets you take those steps.

This is Tom Weber; husband, dad, grandfather, a small business owner, your humble representative, and I’m wishing you a thankful Thanksgiving and a holiday season full of love, giving, and appreciation.