Weber Bill Changes Car “Accidents” to “Crashes”

Springfield, IL… State Representative Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa) has advanced legislation to make state law more accurately represent what occurs in vehicular incidents. Rep. Weber’s legislation amends various Acts to change the term “accident” to “crash” in vehicular laws and future state publications and pamphlets.

“Most, if not all, motor vehicle collisions are avoidable. Many are the result of reckless driving, drinking and driving, or distracted driving,” Rep. Weber said. “Accidents don’t happen as the result of a person’s willful or negligent actions, crashes do. To continue to refer to these incidents in state law as “accidents” is offensive to the many families who have lost loved ones throughout the state.”

The National Transportation Safety Board, 28 other states, and New York City have already made similar changes in their laws and regulations to stop referring to traffic crashes as mere accidents. The legislation is supported by the Active Transportation Alliance and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Rep. Weber’s bill, House Bill 5496, advanced from the House Transportation Committee on a unanimous vote. It passed the House on March 1st with a vote of 106-1. The legislation now moves to the Senate for their consideration.