Weber Bills to Expand Healthcare Access Moving onto Senate

The Illinois House overwhelmingly passed and sent important healthcare legislation to the State Senate sponsored by State Representative Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa).

“Expanded access to healthcare through insurance coverage is vital,” Rep. Weber said. “These bills will help both men and women take more control of their healthcare.”

The Illinois House passed three healthcare bills unanimously before the third reading deadline on Friday, March 4th. House Bill 5254 will ensure that women who receive hysterectomies as a preventative measure are covered for the hormone therapy that is required thereafter. House Bill 5013 maximizes the accessibility of preventive prenatal and perinatal health care services by requiring Managed Care Organizations to accept more providers.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in American men, causing an estimated 34,000 deaths a year. Yearly prostate exams are recommended for all men over the age of 50, and even earlier for those with a family history. Similar to a Weber sponsored 2020 law on mammograms, under House Bill 5318, insurance must cover these exams at no cost to the patient.

“Everyone in Illinois benefits from more preventative healthcare measures,” Rep. Weber said. “Prevention is the key not only to saving lives, but to saving costs in the long term and putting less strain on the healthcare system.”

All three bills have all been sent to the Senate for their consideration.