Rep. Weber Calls for Preservation of Youth Scholarship Program

Speaking on the House floor, State Representative Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa) called for the preservation of the Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship Program that allows low-income families to obtain scholarships to send their children to higher-performing schools.

“The Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship Program has had a profound impact on helping low-income families who otherwise couldn’t afford it obtain a scholarship to send their child to a higher-performing school of their choice,” said Weber. “But without action, this program that is funded entirely through private donations will expire next year.

“In my district alone, 170 families have benefited from these vital academic scholarships that are awarded entirely based on financial need, but the demand is so high that nearly 800 families in my district have sought scholarships. Now is the time to act to save a program that has already helped so many students and families across our state.”

Weber noted that statewide more than $300 million has been raised, and more than 38,000 scholarships have been awarded through the program. To learn more about Invest in Kids, Click Here.